TFC Educator

TFC Educator Program

At TFC our mission is to spread foot health awareness and offer the best barefoot shoes at the best prices. We know there's a ton of passionate humans out there that understand what we're trying to do and we want to reward them for helping spread the message. 

We're starting small with 25 positions and will be increasing available spots as our HQ team grows and we have the resources to implement the program with more people.

Become part of the TFC family as a recognized ambassador in your part of the world and be a knowledgeable health educator in your local community.


What it means to be a TFC Educator

-Be an ambassador for TFC on the mission to spread foot health education, the truth about footwear and the value of barefoot shoes for foot health, injury prevention and movement quality. 

-Contribute content to share on TFC's Instagram profile.

-Be rewarded for your work with some sweet perks like TFC swag packs, free footwear, sweet discounts for friends & family and be first to be considered as a paid TFC employee when our company expands globally.

-Offer your unique discount code to people you speak with which gets them 10% off any footwear sold at and gets you recognition for your efforts. 


Who we're looking for

Anyone is welcome to apply to become a TFC Educator with priority given to the most passionate and established foot health advocates. Because our goal is to reach as many people as we can, health and fitness professionals will be favoured for the initial 25 positions (Physical therapist, doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, coach, university or college team trainers).


How to Apply

-Create a 3 minute (or less) video and send the link to with "TFC educator application" written in the subject line. In your video please include the following information:

-Your name, your job, where you live and where we can find you on social media

-How you heard about TFC and whether you have purchased anything from

-Why you want to become a TFC Educator

-What makes you a good fit to join the TFC team


Selection criteria

These are the things we look for in applicants from most to least important when we're making our decision:

1) Your passion for foot health and the role barefoot footwear plays in optimal body function

2) Whether you have purchased anything from (you supported us and now we want to give back)

3) Whether you work with people regularly in a health or fitness industry and the volume of people you can reach

4) Social media following (only applies to content based, authentic profiles preaching a message that aligns with that of TFC)


Application submission deadline is Friday September 22 at 5pm (Ottawa time). All applications will be reviewed by the TFC team over the weekend and everyone will receive a response on Monday September 25th before 5pm (Ottawa time). 

Succesful applicants will receive further information about the program and the perks as well as their discount code. 


We wish we could take everyone on as a TFC educator but our current resources limit the amount of people we can administer the program for right now. As our team grows we promise to continually open up more TFC Educator positions and will post on social media when more spots open up. 




Nick St Louis, Founder